There is no other way to describe Rubie than a rare talent with a big heart!
She is known for her amazing quality and interesting flair for combining colors and textures to top off your pretty little head in the most magnificent ways!  So wthout further ado, meet Rubie!

Me:  Lets start with you.  tell me a little about you.
Rubie:  I am 29 years old and as far as I can remember I have always had a creative streak. I love decorating and especially love all things vintage. I am fascinated by all things 1950's and have always said I was born in the wrong era. Before Scarlett's Whimsy came about I owned and operated an online vintage clothing store. I sold womens clothing from the 1940's-1980's. I also love wearing vintage clothing from the 40's and 50's and have my own collection.
I come from a large family and believe that God and family are the two most important things in life. My family is crazy and loud and so much fun, never a dull moment! I have been married to my best friend David for 6 years on January 28th and have a beautiful baby girl Scarlett. She is my muse and my most unwilling model. She will be two this March and she is my miracle baby. I could not imagine life without her.

Me:  How did you get started as a designer?
Rubie:  Scarlett's Whimsy was started quite by accident. I started out wanting to create hair pretties for my baby girl Scarlett, since I was a stay at home mom on a budget. Scarlett became my walking advertisement and many began asking me to create something similar for them. Thus began Scarlett's Whimsy.

Me:  What was the first thing you ever made?
Rubie:  The first thing I ever made was now looking back the ugliest felt flower I have ever seen! I am really embarassed that I actually sold it to others and if you purchased it from me I apologize! My style has definitely evolved since then.
Me:  I refuse to believe you could make anything ugly!  (Check out one of her felt designs.)
Me:  What inspires you to create?
Rubie:  One of my biggest inspirations is Scarlett's wardrobe. So many times I come up with a design by choosing an outfit of Scarlett's and making something to match. Although some of my favorite designs have come about by spreading out a pile of fabrics, laces and embellishments and just start creating.

Me:  What does your workspace look like?
Rubie:  My workspace is definitely a work in progress. My "craft" room is also a shared space with Scarlett's play room, so I am definitely always cleaning up a mess! One thing that I do that drives my husband crazy is I work on the floor. I have a desk set up for the purpose of working off of it. Somehow I am so much more comfortable on the floor with everything spread out around me. My ideal work place would be decorated in a mixture of 50's vintage and shabby chic like the rest of my home. It would also be MUCH more organized.

Ok peek at another design before we move on.  Drool!!!
Me:  What are you working on right now?
Rubie:  Right now I am working on Valentine pieces to match your beautiful designs =) I am also starting early on some spring pieces as well as a new bridal collection I will be calling Whimsical Bride.
Me:  Smile. 

Me:  What advice would you give to a designer starting their own business?
Rubie:  I feel really unqualified to be giving advice on this since I am still definitely learning. One thing for sure is it is alot of work. It takes alot of self discipline as well as time management. Make sure that you are ready to invest the time and effort and that you really love what you do. If you love what you do it does not seem so much like work.

Me:  What advice would you give to someone about running an Etsy shop?
Rubie:  Running a shop on etsy is actually harder than it looks. There are so many others selling the same product. So you have to come up with something that is fresh and unique. Always put new pieces into the shop so people do not get bored looking at the same items over and over. Also building a facebook fanbase is a great way to get people looking at and shopping in your etsy shop.

Me:  What is your biggest challange running your own business?
Rubie:  The biggest challenge by far has been balancing time spent with my family and time spent on my business. At times I get so focused on orders waiting to be completed, deadlines to be met and always creating fresh new items. My family is my main priority and most importantly Scarlett. The reason I stay home is so I can be here for her growing up and not miss the important milestones in her life. I don't ever want to look back and wish that I had spent more time with Scarlett instead of my business.

Ok another break for a look at a pretty little thing by Scarlett's Whimsy.  Ooooo.  Ahhh.  M2M Matilda Jane
Me:  If you won the lotto woul dyou stll have your business?
Rubie:  I know most people would think I am crazy but I honestly believe I would still keep my business if I won the lottery. For me it is not work. I LOVE creating and it is actually therapeutic for me. Some people like to relax and watch t.v. or read a good book, for me it is creating a new design.
Me:  And we can't wait to see what you come up with next!