Let me start by sharing a little about me-not something I do often-but it will help you understand why this project came to me and why it is important to me.

This year my husband and I are spending Christmas at my Father's with our 3 year old Daughter.  My wonderful Step Mother is thrilled and immediately got to work doing "Santa" shopping.  When she told me though, my stomach dropped.  But I was Santa, wasn't I.  I was supposed to wow my daughter Christmas morning.  After wallowing and digesting the idea of sharing the Santa role I came to this conclusion.

Really I didn't mind sharing the Santa role.  It just made me feel a bit inadequate.  This year has been a crazy success for kangacoo, but not kangacoo's pocketbook.  I have added 40 stores and numerous sales to my business but with changes (such as my husband losing his job) and costs of starting and running a small business Santa's bank account is pretty scarce.  This feel icky and I have come to my senses that I am so fortunate to have parents that want to help make my daughter's holiday the best ever!  So I am getting over myself and sharing the Santa role. 

I am a firm believer in paying it forward so I have decided to take a couple families under the kangacoo wing this holiday season.  I would like to discreetly send some gifts to some parents to put under the tree this Christmas.  Do you know a family that can use some help?  Please nominate them.

Email me at katie@kangacoo.com with a brief story of the family you feel really needs a hand this holiday season.  Gifts will be sent directly to the family and we can decide if you want to be anonomys or if you'd like to be revealed if your nomination is chosen.

Happy Holidays!